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Multi-Point Inspections

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Our Detailed Inspections Are Good for You and Your Ford

At Middlekauff Ford Lincoln in Twin Falls, ID, we offer something every Idaho Ford owner should take advantage of: A complimentary multiple point Inspection that can spot mechanical issues before they become more expensive. When a factory-trained technician at Middlekauff Ford Lincoln does a multi-point vehicle inspection, he's following a comprehensive checklist of critical functions and components in your car.

We'll rate the urgency of each potential trouble spot in terms of whether it needs immediate action, future attention or whether there is simply no immediate repair needed. In general, it's wise to correct any issues right away, in order to keep your Ford car, truck or SUV in good condition. Mechanical issues can get more pronounced with time, and any needed repair costs are usually less expensive the earlier they get addressed.

We can provide help in evaluating the checklist and deciding what to do, we encourage you to talk over your options with one of our experienced service advisors. On your next visit to Twin Falls from Jerome or Burley ID, we suggest dropping off your vehicle at Middlekauff Ford Lincoln for our more rapid multiple point inspection. We'll summarize what we find and provide a recommended maintenance plan. That will be good for you and your Ford.

Some Advantages You Get with Our Inspection

Our experienced technicians at Middlekauff Ford Lincoln in Twin Falls, ID are familiar with your Ford's entire mechanical makeup, so they're skilled in giving popular models like the Ford F-150, Ford Explorer and Ford Escape the expert analysis they need. Getting your Ford inspected regularly by one of our service professionals offers benefits like these:

  • Accurate diagnosis of problem areas
  • Addressing trouble spots while they can be fixed inexpensively
  • Promoting reliable performance
  • Peace of mind about the condition of your Ford car, truck or SUV

What Exactly Gets Inspected?

Our Multi-Point Inspection at Middlekauff Ford Lincoln includes many different areas of your car. For example, we'll look inside your car to examine tech features and functions, the operation of safety items like your seat belts, warning lights and your windshield wipers.

We'll look at the outside and make sure your tires have proper inflation and tread depth, and that sensors and lights are working. We look under your car at the suspension system including shocks or struts, the steering and braking systems, and check for oil leaks.

Last but not least, we'll check fluid levels and items like belts, hoses, the water pump, the alternator, and of course, your engine and transmission.

When you purchase any vehicle at Middlekauff Ford Lincoln, you'll be entitled to priority service when you visit our service department from a neighboring community like Rupert or Buhl ID. In addition, your first oil change will be free, and you'll always get a complimentary loaner while your car is in our Service Center.

More Maintenance Fundamentals: Why the Oil In Your Car Matters

Whether you drive a Ford or any other vehicle, we believe it's essential to have us change your engine oil according to factory specifications. Oil is the lifeblood of your car, lubricating many of the most critical components. When the oil lubricating your engine is too low or even dirty, it can shorten your engine's life expectancy.

What's the proper amount of time or miles you should allow between oil changes? In the past, the most common interval was 3,000 miles. With today's more sophisticated technology, Ford has extended the mileage interval up to 7,500. If you haven't reached that milestone within six months, let the calendar tell you to change your oil at that point rather than going by your odometer.

Discover All the Ways We Can Help Your Vehicle Last Longer

In addition to a complete service department, we offer Genuine Ford parts designed especially for your Ford vehicle. If you're in the market for your next car, explore our great selection of new Ford models and used vehicles from all major brands, from Ford, Toyota and Honda to Chevy, Jeep and Ram. Meanwhile, take good care of your Ford with our complimentary Multi-Point Inspection and other professional services at Middlekauff Ford Lincoln Twin Falls ID.

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