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Tire Rotations & Wheel Alignments

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Tire Servicing, Wheel Alignment Near Twin Falls, ID, at Middlekauff Ford

Nothing is more important in terms of vehicle safety than tires and their integrity. Given their rubber composition, this distinct vehicle component is sure to bear the brunt of road inconsistencies and weathering. They are literal magnets for Jerome road debris and the adverse effects of Burley potholes, wide pavement seams and tarry undulations. Really, anything can happen to a tire at any time.

Not only is tire health vital to safety, but those vehicle systems comprising steering and alignment will also show signs of weathering and peculiar wear along tire treads and sidewalls. In this, performance is hindered, safety compromised and the overall longevity of your vehicle put into question. Therefore, it's incumbent that vehicle owners are absolutely mindful of tires and steering issues.

Make a Cursory Inspection of Tires Yourself

Examining your tires is a simple task, and should be done once a week, at least:

  • At each tire, bend or kneel to inspect the sidewalls, especially where the walls meet with tire tread along the entire circumference. Make note of cracks or creasing here. These signs of weathering and corrosion might be hard to discern at first, so closely examine each tire.
  • While there, look along the rim for any improper sealing between rubber and metal. Should there be a dent or bending to the rim, it will create a gap in the seal and might be discernible when driving should there be steering wheel vibration. Also, make sure the tire valve is fully extended and free of punctures or cuts.
  • Next, with your fingertip, measure tire tread for depth by running your finger along each tread channel. If there's not much depth, you'll need new tires.
  • This is also a good time to note any uneven wear and bareness in the tread, from side-to-side. The telltale sign of the need to have your tires rotated from well to well at Middlekauff Ford's Rupert area service center.
  • Should you notice anything lodged like nails, bolts, screws or nuts, do not remove yourself. Take your vehicle to Middlekauff Ford to have a skilled technician perform this task. It's likely removed easily, and the hole plugged saving you the expense of a tire replacement.

In all, the importance of having tires rotated at every oil change at Middlekauff Ford is highly desirable. Again, where rubber meets with Buhl road is a critical juncture.

What Should I Do When Steering Becomes an Issue?

When at high speeds, if your vehicle "naturally" pulls to the left or right, wheel alignment will need to be corrected. Middlekauff Ford's diagnosing and wheel alignment tools will remedy this very vital element to vehicle health and longevity.

It's a detailed process given the various components and parts involved. With your vehicle on the lift, computerized diagnosing and correcting equipment sort out the issue and adjust as necessary. Only skilled and highly trained technicians may interpret findings and act accordingly.

Becoming mindful of wheel alignment will help ensure proper axle health, thereby enhancing the life of your vehicle.

When to Visit Middlekauff Ford's Service Center?

A vehicle is a vast confluence of parts, systems and components that need to work in concert. If any of these facets are found to be ailing or damaged, it's extremely important to have all issues remedied at once.

At Middlekauff Ford, the Quick Lane® approach to car servicing provides for convenient evening and weekend hours. Additionally, while waiting during a servicing appointment an amenity-filled waiting area allows for comfort, complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi, and shuttle service.

So make a servicing appointment, or drop-in to our local Twin Falls service center today. Your vehicle will thank you.