The Ford Mustang is an all-time classic muscle car for plenty of reasons. With its iconic style and powerful engine, the Mustang has stirred the imaginations of drivers for decades. Are you excited about the latest generation of Mustang cars? If so, here is what you will want to know about the next Ford Mustang generation.

Ford Mustang S650: What We Know

The S650 Mustang is expected to launch for the 2024 model year. We do know that the vehicle will continue several crucial elements of the classic Mustang design, including its long hood and cab and chassis proportions. We don't yet know exactly what powertrain options will be available with the S650 Mustang.

Potential Ford Mustang Hybrid

Although the Ford Mustang Mach-E showcases the potential of a fully electric Mustang model, plenty of drivers might be interested in getting a hybrid version. It has not been fully confirmed that a hybrid mustang model is in the works. However, Ford Authority reports that Ford might well be launching a Mustang Hybrid in the next generation of Mustang vehicles. This development would also be consistent with Ford's aim to dramatically increase sales of electrified vehicles.

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