Have you ever purchased a generic filter, generic cereal, or maybe a generic store brand cleaner?  Did it perform as well as the name brand? Did the generic Cinnamon Toast Crunch taste like the General Mills real thing?  I have yet to find a cheaper, aftermarket refrigerator filter that actually fits in my fridge like it claims it will.  Cheaper seems great at the time of purchase but is it really cheaper in the long run?  In the case of my fridge i have realized that if I want my fridge to reliably deliver clean water and avoid any repair bills I had better purchase and install the manufacturer filter.   

The same goes for vehicles.  Aftermarket parts, fluids, and chemicals may appear cheaper at first, but if that air filter does not seal properly the dirt and material it lets into your engine will be very costly.  What if the local parts store has a great deal on oil, did they make sure they sold you the correct weight and viscosity?  If not, big problems down the road.  

By using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts you can rest assured that the odds of a malfunction occurring are close to zero.  Even in the event that something may go wrong original automotive manufacturers provide the most extensive warranty available to  back up their product.  Should you purchase an OEM replacement part or have work performed at a dealership by factory trained mechanics, you are fortunate to have a nationwide network of repair facilities ready to repair and get your vehicle back on the road.

The most common items to try and make sure OEM parts are used:

Air Filter

Only the vehicle's manufacturer is going to be able to provide a filter that was built and provided for the air box on your vehicle.  These filter out contaminants and make sure the engine intakes clean cool air.


Clean OEM Ford Motorcraft Air Filter vs. Dirty / Used Air Filter

Engine Oil

Engine oil is vital to the life of your vehicle.  Without oil to lubricate, cool, and seal the mechanical parts moving among each other there can be something like a grenade going off under your hood. This kind of nightmare can be avoided by making sure you use the correct viscosity and weight of oil recommended by the manufacturer at the recommended intervals you will reduce any odds of having an issue with your vehicle.


 Old broken down  oil or the wrong viscosity will result in vital engine parts clogging up and possible catastrophic failure. 

VS. OEM / Ford Motorcraft oil (modeled by shop dog Rawly)

Again it is a safe bet to use OEM products as this is what the vehicle manufacturer designed the vehicle to use. The vehicle brand dealerships have invested a lot into making sure that the mechanics working on the vehicle's know the most about them and are properly trained.  Also for doing maintenance should something go wrong and the maintenance was performed at a dealership you are protected by a nationwide repair facility network.  These shops will always have genuine fluids for your maintenance needs.


When a child is playing with the shapes toy trying to fit the square shape through the circle hole, it doesn’t work.  Maybe you can get it to squeeze through but it just wasn’t the right fit.  That is how some aftermarket and even black market parts operate when installed on your vehicle.  They may save some money initially but if the part is not the exact right part and does not perform the way the manufacturer intended it will only cost more down the road.  

In some instances there are black market parts which can be deadly.  In one such case there is an airbag recall which it is imperative that the correct updated part be installed.  Should a less than reputable shop use a recycled part or a part from overseas that they found for cheaper, then the vehicle is really no better than before it had the repair completed.  


We hop this explains the benefits of Original Equipment Manufacturer (Ford) parts as well as the value and benefits of them.  If you have any questions at all don’t be afraid to contact us at (208)736-2480 or drop by at 1243 Blue Lake's Bvld. N. Twin Falls, ID 83301

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