This 3rd Gen 1960 Ford F100 is Perfection

Of all thirteen generations of Ford’s F-Series truck, perhaps none is more overlooked than the third gen models. Bookended by two of the brand’s greatest designs in history is a tough place to be, of course. So naturally, you just don’t see as many 1957-1960 F-Series pickups around. Especially not as nice as this absolutely stunning 1960 Ford F-100

Fittingly, we found this oddball of sorts over at RD Classics, a German reseller, although it has already been imported to the U.S. But no matter what part of the world it’s in, it’s arguably the nicest example of a 1960 Ford F-100 we’ve ever laid eyes on. From the perfect red paint to the shiny and immaculate chrome, you’d be hard pressed to find any sort of flaws.

Though it lacks major modifications, the old pickup does sport a nice, big 460 under the hood. Or, if you’re the European type, a 7.5-liter V8. That large mill is every bit as flawless as the rest of the truck, whether you’re talking about the undercarriage or the spotless red and white two-tone interior. Even the bed area shows no signs of use, with or without the protective rubber mat.

So while second gen hot rods are a dime a dozen, perhaps we shouldn’t dismiss their successors just yet. These big-grilled, flat-faced pickups certainly deserve their share of the spotlight. And we imagine there will come a time when the more popular Ford truck generation’s inventories dry up. Which is probably when everyone will finally give the third gen the recognition it deserves. And by the looks of this amazing 1960 Ford F-100, we’d say that day can’t come soon enough!

Article Originally appeared on Ford Trucks Enthusiasts written by Brett Foot
3rd Generation 1960 Ford F-100

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