Middlekauff Ford is proud to support Idaho's Make A Wish Program!

Middlekauff Ford is proud to support Idaho's Make A Wish Program! On Wednesday March 14 MIddlekauff Ford, Idaho Ford Dealers, and KMVT are joining forces to raise airline miles for Make A Wish. 


  • Make A Wish's Mission: Together, we grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.
  • There are about 150 Idaho children diagnosed each year with a critical medical conditions.
  • Make-A- Wish Idaho grants more than 90 wishes per year.
  • Last year 93% of all Idaho wishes are travel-related, which means we need lots of air miles to
  • reduce the cost of airline expenses. We fly entire families, not just the child.
  • We grant each child’s most heartfelt wish, which means sometimes we grant wishes to travel
  • internationally. Airfare to travel abroad is very costly.
  • Each ticket takes at least 50,000 miles, so, a family of four would need 200,000 miles to fly to
  • their destination. Five people would require 250,000 miles of donated air miles!
  • We need up to 20 million air miles annually to meet those needs. If we don’t have the air miles,
  • we need to pay for the tickets which make up a very significant part of our wish budget. Having
  • donated air miles greatly reduces the expense to Make-A- Wish Idaho.
  • People may call in and give miles from Alaska/Horizon, Delta, and United airlines. To donate
  • Southwest, American or JetBlue Miles they can go to our website at Idaho.wish.org to find out
  • more information. If you would like to send a cash donation, please send a check to Make-A-
  • Wish Idaho, 310 W. Idaho St., Boise, ID 83702.
  • Our goal today is to collect 500,000 Air Miles to use for Idaho wish families to travel to their
  • wish destinations.
  • When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, their world suddenly collapses. They
  • are robbed of a carefree childhood and are forced to deal with realities that no child should
  • have to undergo. Once filled with school, play, extracurricular activities and time with friends,
  • their new reality is a constant string of doctor’s appointments, frightening and sometimes
  • painful tests, surgical procedures and hospital stays. According to a national wish impact study,
  • 89% of healthcare professionals surveyed said they believed the wish experience influenced
  • positively the wish child's physical health. 96% of parents said that the wish strengthened their
  • families and 99% of parents reported that the wish experience gave their children increased
  • feelings of happiness. A donation of Air Miles helps Make-A- Wish Idaho fund the fulfillment a
  • child’s most heartfelt wish, a wish that could be a turning point in their battle for health.
What we need to accept air miles:
Name on Account
Account Number
Number of Miles being donated (this is critically important) If they say “all miles” they are going
to need to call the airline and verify the amount in their account.
Donor contact information
Phone Numbers for those needing to contact the airline to determine number of miles in their account:
Delta – Delta.com, 1-800- 221-1212
United – United.com, 1-800- 864-8331
Alaska Airlines- 1-800- 252-7522
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